Agar Malwa District Shajapur

4 06 2009

Agar is Very Beautiful Place Located in the Heart of MP. It is situated at the Indore-Kota highway. It was the cantonment region at the time of independence of India because of the weather and large availability of water.
Agar Malwa has few slight tourist attractions. The city has has two ponds; Moti Sagar and Ratna Sagar which accounts for the large amount of water in the city. There is also a dam on the Kalisindh river, the Parsukheri dam. The city contains a famous ancient temple, Baijnath Mahadev, which was created by the wife of a British soldier during World War II, as a wish for his welfare. Some notable areas are the Gufa Barda (Tulja Bhawani mandir), Kewada Swami (Kal Bhairav mandir), Kamal Kundi and Bade Ganeshji, Baijnath Mandir & Tulja Bhawani mandir.

About BaijNath Mahedev Temple:-In 1879, when there was British Rule in India, Lt. Col. Martin of Agar Malva was leading the army in the war against Afghanistan.Once his wife passed by the temple of Baijnath Mahadev. She was attracted to the sound of conch and mantra. She went inside and came to know that the Brahmins were worshipping Lord Shiva.She prayed to Lord Shiva that if her husband reaches home safely, then she would get the temple renovated.
On the last of the “Laghurudra” a messenger came and gave a letter to her. Her husband had written:”“I was regularly sending messages to you from the battle grounds but suddenly the Patthans surrounded us from all sides. We were entrapped in a situation where there was no scope of escaping death. Suddenly I saw a Yogi of India with long hair, carrying a weapon with three pointers (Trishul).After a few weeks Col. Martin returned. Lady Martin narrated the whole incident to him. Now both husband and wife became devotees of Lord Shiva.This is the only Hindu temple built by British.
By Local News :- Malav Kalyan

(Mr. K.K.Jain)
37/2 Vivekanad Nagar Agar Malwa.
District Shajapur M.P.


Indian service providers: The darlings of the outsourcing industry « Vikasjain26’s Weblog

28 12 2007

Vikasjain26’s Weblog

20 12 2007

Vikasjain26’s Weblog
it is the right time for SMEs to consider adopting outsourcing/off shoring model.

Blogging – A Marketing Tactic

20 12 2007

” If you get a customer without marketing it’s luck , But if you do not get it with marketing it’s hard luck”

A Great way to gain increased visibility to company is ‘Blogging’. In the world of IT (online marketing) Blogging remained as a Marketing Tactic rather then Journalism.

Let’s get back to business , As with other business tasks, you are typically more productive if your time for projects and tasks are scheduled in advance. Now
what makes up a successful and viable company?
The core needs for any business are as follows:
Marketing ideas•
•Updated Marketing Techniques
Business Visibility•
A Highly Trained self motivated team.

Blogging has created a new theme in marketing ,the funda that works behind it is -In blogging you describe your company or product rather than advertising it although the results are not always same but can be improved by improving your blogging skills. For a better business blogging rem member the below points

(1) Designate more time to learn good blogs ; don’t just started with anything
(2) Try to capture a new(unique) blogging idea.
(3) Always try to write shorter and simpler and focused blogs
(4) The language should be easy & do not use ‘jargon’s’
(5) Write blogs in different language for different region
(6) Put your best content first in the blog
(7) Optimize for short keyword phrases highly focused to your product/company
(8) Try to boost the content of your website in your blog
(9) Always check the direct link to your website and e-mail address in your blog
(10) Always try to give good reasons to your readers to contact .

Try the above mentioned 10-ways to blog .