Webmasters:-Now It’s Eassy to Drive Traffic

22 01 2008

drive1.jpgThree Goals of Every Webmaster 

1. Increase presence.That means raising the site’s Page Rank, 

2. Drive traffic. Visibility must be turned into traffic, which happens when searchers click your link 

3. Convert visitors.Conversion of traffic from unproductive visits to productive visits 

To fulfill the above mentioned tasks Commercial webmasters have been taught that link popularity has a great influence on whether a website will rank well in the search engines. A top ten listing in Search Engine (Google’s or Yahoo) search results can make a great difference overnight

.But it is a never-ending game of cat-and-mouse you can never say it’s all over. 

If we talk about Google, PageRank is a term to indicate the popularity of a page. The popularity of a webpage is determined by the number of links from other pages on the World Wide Web that point to this page.Now if it is the case you will think it’s not a big deal but remember that other are trying harder and are more established than you. But it is not the Stack Structure FIFO (First come First Serve), If you think smartly you can perform better.

There are some suggestions from my experience in Online-Marketing.  

Optimize your website’s content & Find the right keywordsThe right keywords are not always obvious. It’s very necessary to find good and relevant keywords before you start with your SEO or SEM. Most of the keywords must be from you landing page as it has many benefits in terms of relevancy and Google’s algorithm. It is important that the combination of your. Web pages show search engines that your web site is relevant to a special topic.  

Submit your web pages to all important search engines and directories Waiting for Google spider to crawl your site cannot be a smart effort. For this manually submit your site to different search engine and directories it can still help you to get your web site listed faster.  

Create a content development strategy for your website Content developers may also be search engine optimization specialists, or Internet marketing professionals. This is because unique content is what search engines are looking for and content development specialists therefore have a very important role to play in the search engine optimization process.  

Publicize your website through article marketing and constantly post articles & Press ReleaseIt is just like Stars are writing in their column for any upcoming film. If you don’t have good articles for your sites you can either purchase or request some specialist to write one for you. But keep in mind that this process should not be stopped as it helps in Branding your site as well. Press Release is yet another source to get traffic & Popularity. Many PR sites offers free pr submission. 

Blogging is Just another good Marketing and SEO tacticBlogging for the company has a great influence to your popularity and traffic and some sort of page rank. Hire good bloggers for that and always stick to your subject or core activity. Submit these blogs to different sites which accept their submission for free. 

Get Involved In Social-Media Marketing-  Social Media Marketing (SMM) is helpful   to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks such as LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Hi5, Gather.com and many other. It can also develop your network which sometimes helps greatly. 

 Develop an email marketing strategy and teamOne of the advantages of E-mail marketing  is the ability to distribute information to a wide range of specific, potential customers at a relatively low cost. Create newsletters and put subscribing option on the website and on your blogs, publications as well. Always go with Opt-in email advertising (i.e. get permission from recipient of the advertisement) in order to ovoid spam listing. 

Create Forums and groups in Google and Yahoo  Creating forum and groups may help you to build network and distribute information although to limited circle but always try to increase their strength by inviting other to join your group and ask them to again invite their contacts. 

 Invest in SEM –   Investing in a paid search (pay-per-click) campaign is smart decision as the spider’s algorithm is unpredictable and changing every now and then. SEO  takes time to show results, is limited to a few search terms. Relaying on SEM will never let you down and it can drive much more traffic than any other source. But provided you have expert for that.I am Unable to summarize while writing about SEM because it’s among that topic in which I am keenly interested in and my area of expertise. 

Go with other new Marketing categories like Mobile Marketing, Video MarketingOver the past few years SMS has become a legitimate advertising channel. Mobile Marketing via MMS, In-Game Mobile Marketing (Adver-gaming), and Mobile Web Marketing, Mobile Marketing via Bluetooth or Infrared are some forms of mobile marketing. Video Marketing is yet another source but always keep in mind that repetition of the same advertisement which was on the TV will make no sense try and create a new one. 

Always Update all the tactics mentioned and yourselves too – Don’t be like frog inside a well always feel hungry for information’s and updates and also update your products and services with your Marketing Tactic. 

By following this you may experience a great increase in the visitors and Improvement in the process of branding.