SMEs :- Know How To Utilize Your Outsourcing decision

20 12 2007

According to the article written by Roger Trapp, “SMEs could improve in their HR-related functions as well as cost-saving on their different IT functions. The article also mentioned that outsourcing was able to help companies “focus on what was important to the organization”.

 A known fact in the corporate world is that however big or small an organization is, one of the most important targets of that organization is to be able to manage the finances now it is the right time for SMEs to consider adopting outsourcing/offshoring model.  The primary reason why most SMEs outsource is cost and focus. Coming up with a reason aside from cost & focus is quality, which can give a tremendous pace in their business.One of the moral benefits of Outsourcing are Participants can find collaboration to be stimulating, challenging, and fun. By giving participants an opportunity to work with individuals at other institutions, Outsourcing provides participants a chance to expand personal and professional contacts and, by so doing, may lead to personal and professional growth. At a minimum, it can be a change of pace from regular activities, an opportunity to meet new people and learn new ways of doing things.

SMEs will no doubt get the best deal possible they only need to have the right information at their fingertips in order to make informed outsourcing choice from India. 

 In summary, think twice before outsourcing your work to a foreign country.In my opinion India is the right place for SMEs to outsource; here they can get low-cost labor business and cost-focused technology services.

The five factors needed to be looked while making an Outsourcing/off shoring choice

(1) Quality (2) Technical capabilities of their outsourcing vendor (3) Affordable Cost (4) Qualified and Expert team to support with (5) Reliability

Author:- Vikas Jain